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The Creative Process. Kou & Chai: Farm Fun!

Getting started is the hardest thing to do.

We want everything to be perfect. The rough sketches. They are suppose to be rough! Not perfect. The color pallet. The story. Just putting something down. Make a mark!

That's a mask. Yep, a mask. I started the creative process for my book, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. And there was NO PAPER TOWELS in stock at the grocery store. LOL, so this white face mask became the paper towel I needed to dab my paint brush on.

I may need to frame it. LOL, ha ha ha.

Looking at color palette and trying to come up with a rug design for one of the page illustration in the book.

Starting my storyboarding for Kou & Chai: Farm Fun.

I found that using sticky notes gave me the flexibility to rearrange the pages. And drawing in stick figures on the allowed me to quickly get my ideas down without fussing too much about the details of each page.

Here, I am trying to figure out what my main characters will look like. Chai was pretty much set. I knew I liked his character design the moment I drew him. With Kou, it took a while. I didn't like anything I drew of her. But I finally settled on the design with lots of hair.

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